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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Patchworx and Techno



Synth Presets

BPM: 128 - 134

Jheeeezzz some amazing sound design in this pack..... this could make its way into a wide number of genres. Anything dark + moody. From Drum and Bass to Techno to Dubstep and everything in between this pack is right at home! Great for a starting point for you to tweak and edit at your own free will with fully assigned macros and an incredible sound! Highly recommend!

These presets bring instant inspiration! I feel raving in Berlin! Awesome presets not only for techno but for any style of electronic music that requires very sharp and deep bass. I definitely recommend it!!!

This Berlin Techno presets pack from the Patchworx series is stunning. The drums are expertly crafted and would be useful for not only techno but any electronic music genre production. The bass sounds are warm and insanely deep. Overall the pack atmosphere is dark, moody and hypnotic. I would definitely use these presets as a start for my tunes!

This is a great Serum preset pack containing all the timeless Techno sounds needed to get your creativity going! The mod macro controls provide meaningful change to each preset and with the minimum amount of automation, you can bring the sound to the forefront of the mix or make it fade out into the background. The Leads, Arps, Bass and Stab sounds, are dark and industrial sounding, perfect for any genre that benefits from that aesthetic! Some of the drum presets get quite close to the TR-909 sound which provides a fascinating approach to drum synthesis. The Midi files work as a springboard for new ideas and provide insight as to how the sounds were intended to be used by design!


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