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Genre: Dubstep

Additional Styles: Grime and Dubstep

Ghost Syndicate are really coming up with some really great packs, and occasionally some really resinate. I love the authentic sounds that give you that dark atmospheric soundscape you could easily hear in a underground club anywere in the world right now, particulary in the genre of electronica & dub specific genres. Its brooding and thought provoking with heavy bass synth sounds and synth melodics and fx with nice beats. The pack is small but very useful, and hope they grow this style and genre with a follow up, as the sounds are spot on and hopefully look forward to hearing what they may come up with next.

GS back again with another epic package !This is a nice laid back dark dub/dubstep package with some amazing off-world atmospherics and deep sub bass lush drums and ideal for beginners in this realm of dub driven electronica !

Small-sized pack that reveals mammoth impact and is squarely focused on the dark side in a genuinely impressive way.  There's simply no fat in this toolbox with each folder holding the sharpest knives, the hardest hammers and sonic ninja throwing stars.  For me the bass is the feature though everything else is of equal quality - yet the bass is so frighteningly on point it's really worth a sonic study in addition to employing in tracks.  The FX follow suit as subtle yet deadly details that are Perfect secret sauce gems.  Serious pack with rib-rumbling power. 

I've always believed that if you get a ton of ideas around 4 samples into the sample pack then you're onto a good one! I was able to put an idea together with all the sinister key stabs and chords. Workflow was made relatively quickly which allowed more time to really get creative and manipulate the sounds even further. I fell for this pack as soon as I delved into all the chest rattling sub bass loops. I'm in love with the top and particularly the percussion loops, they're organic and immediately give you that 'dubbed out' feel. Definitely an essential now in my arsenal!


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