Who could have thought there are actually producers out there who love to produce a sample pack full of sweeps… Trust me when i say i am very happy that people like them exist. This package has it all! From sounds fueled with melancholy to energetic sweeps that wipe your dance floors. Look no further, every possible sweep you might want to use is here.

Although quite specialist , what really grabs me with this pack is the quality of the general audio . sounds really analogue and rich , the verbs are alive and the filtering is pristine . With a bit of creativity these sounds can add a little extra sparkle to any production .

This is a great addition to any sample library. The quality of these FX are awesome and very diverse. They'll slot into pretty much any production at any BPM even though they seem to be timed at 140BPM.

I am looking forward to getting stuck into this pack, chopping and cutting and making some of these great FX my own

Very nice pack of FX and sweeps here. Many sounds that don't have too much distinction that would make them obvious in songs which is always nice. Will be able to use this in a variety of genres and songs for sure.


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