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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: House, Techno, and Breaks

Inspired by artists such as Objekt and Overmono and the sounds of labels such as Hessle Audio,...

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That is the Pack I have been waiting for. UNDRGRND Sounds deliver exactly, what is needed right now. If you roam the clubs in Berlin, Paris or London you will hear exactly these kinds of sounds. The conform Techno trend is over. The scene is finally back for some groundbreaking new material and this Pack delivers everything you need to get started.

Fusing the driving momentum of techno with the sonic, dynamic and temporal styling of breakbeat...

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Oh yes oh yes UNDRGRND sounds has done it again really cool sample pack this it works for so many diffirent music styles this sample are such a high quality as always with these pack they could do with some vocals really dig the break beats the drum loops atmosphere is good to so are the synth & bass loops to well done again...

UNDRGRND Sounds have been belting out some seriously heavy underground sample packs for some time now and this is just another in the recent line of fantastic products! An immense selection of crossover breakbeat and techno samples, all polished to within an inch of their lives!

how pack! Huge amount of different cool sounds. very creative, a lot of Old-School energy, cool breaks, basses, stabs! Suitable for modern techno, breaks, even for Future House and Tech-House. luv this one!


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