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Genre: Bass Music

Additional Styles: Vocals and Bass Music


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 124 - 140

Cool set of rap/ bass vocal phrases. Some really nice lines- mostly dry with a few heavily auto-tuned style. 140 BPM for bass tracks and 124 BPM for the house tracks. You can dig through and pick the best lines, chopping them up to give you what you need. Some of the lines have multiple variations to pick from as well. Some of the lines though remind me of the 90's East West sample sets from back in the day...

This quality pack of vocal phrases and one-shots is perfect for when you need a hype pre-drop or vocal fills for your bass anthem. The tone of the vocals is intense and and there are a nice variety of phrases geared towards bass house, G house and dubstep.

‌Very cool pack containing vocal samples perfect for most Dance oriented genres, recorded at multiple tempos 124-140 BPM to build up hype on the drop. All the sort of snippets we would usually search for in old House and Rap acapellas are now at our disposal & Royalty Free. Sonically the vocals sound very polished without sibilance or plosives and have just the right amount of dynamics. What we found very useful was that some phases had been recorded several times with a different delivery style allowing us to pan them left, right and centre to create a wide thick vocal. We'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more vocal packs like this from Monster Sounds as this really exceeded our expectations!

This pack features a ton of amazing vocals. Everything was recorded extremely well and processed with precision. This pack is great for anyone who is looking to add some awesome vocal flair into their productions and add some word/phrases that take their music to the next level.

Great pack of very useful vocals. You can find different takes and vibes of each sample. Its a source of inspiration for all bass bass genres and styles. Monsters sounds is always bringing quality vocals ready to drop in your tracks.


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