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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass

An excellent pack for any genre that requires heavy hitting percussion and/or futuristic sounds. A very consistent selection of samples with high quality and interesting sound design, every sound is usable. I found myself taking elements of the percussive loops first, which have a nice airy top end whilst still retaining clean transients. The bass sounds have lots of movement and width, plus solid low end. The pads/atmos/fx are well thought out, and provide a range of moods and intensity. The synths have good energy and fit the vibe of the rest of the pack well. Overall, would highly recommend to producers looking for inspiration in any of the harder genres.

This soundpack is so fresh and inspiring! although the basses, atmos and fx are great what stand out for me most here are the drums. A big amount of very useful kicks, snares and hats, punchys as well not overly compressed. Perc loops are also perfect to add that pure dnb roller vibe to your tracks. All of them in clearly labeled folders. Ready to use !

Amazing pack and part 2 from ghost syndicate! The pack has everything from fantastic beats to deep dirty basslines, whilst giving you the authenticity of a dnb tune. The fx's and musical elements are very interesting and offer great melody and space to your mix. A big thumbs up and well worth the investment.

Wow, this is huge! Lots and lots of very good quality samples. I really like the Atmo and Drums folders, the organic touch is what electronic music needs these days in my opinion. The Bass synths are really tight and warm, offering a lot of variations and possibilities to add them in your own productions. This is one of those sample packs that can make your electronic music producer life very easy. Very good work!


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