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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: Vocals and EDM

This will sell by the bucket load! Lots of nice little hooks and tools to add a nice vocal touch to your tracks. Great variety for different genres and really well recorded. Great work!!

Very cool vocals cut, vocodered, effected, slashed & dashed into a fresh package of useful vox parts! Either your doing House, Techno, Trance or Dubstep, u will find here for sure something to twist up your tunes.

Cut em, slice em, chop em or just simply use them. This package is crammed with all kinds of vocal snippets. Perfect package to go through when looking for that little special element for your production. Personally i can't get enough of these, the more the better. I love to use vocals in my tracks, sometimes as a hookline but most of the time as a snippet for some 'warmth'.

I wanted to make a new track with some quality vocals, which are always hard to come by, so I thought I'd give loopmasters a go. I got on the site, searched for vocals, downloaded the pack which came ready to go in Ableton, and within minutes had a library of quality samples ready to go. Looking forward to seeing what other gems are on here.

Wide range of vocal samples that can give your music a different taste. Quality of the loops are pretty amazing. If you're looking for some assistance in giving your house tracks that different taste to bring it over the top, you'd definitely be well-served to check out this release.


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