Loopmasters is proud to present our new live-stream and podcast series ‘Loopmasters Live’ hosted by Will a.k.a High Rankin.

Each episode (episode LL001 with Scott Diaz is featured above) is a full length light-hearted interview with artists, producers and ‘music folk’ who have immersed and helped shape the current industry.

Guest so far - Launched in the end of April 2018

    •    LL001 - Scott Diaz (https://youtu.be/dplE_DQ_FJ0)
    •    LL002 - Mark Knight (https://youtu.be/eh4zyEhBJBo)
    •    LL003 - Dave Gamble (DMG Audio) (https://youtu.be/ke4z7U8m7a0)
    •    LL004 - James Anthony (Noisily Festival) (https://youtu.be/-CV904U40WI)
    •    LL005 - MJ Cole (https://youtu.be/IC6kDxPb1So)
    •    LL006 - Breakage (https://youtu.be/G0VTRXxVR04)
    •    LL007 - Jonathan Scratchley (Gentleman's Dub Club) (https://youtu.be/nao33bwTWlI)

Checkout the full series today

Download the podcast from iTunes: http://bit.ly/loopmasterslive
Download the podcast from Spotify: http://bit.ly/loopmasterspodcast

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