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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Sound Archives and Dubstep


One Shots

Synth Presets

BPM: 140 - 140

Ultimate Dubstep by Rankin Audio ! A wonderful display of Massive synth generated Dubstep! This groovy package is full of great dubstep goodies most perfect for any dubstep junkie! Awsome Bass and Synth loops and some nice grimey sounds from the FX folder ,this is by far the best Rankin Audio loop package a total 10 out of 10 and a must for all Dubstep DJs and Producers who want a little edge to their sound.

Well the name says it all really, Ultimate Dubstep. Hair raising synth risers, chest compressing basslines, and face smacking snare drums! If you're big into your Dubstep sounds, this is the pack for you. Plenty of everything to choose from, and really well laid out for easy access (just like High Rankin's mum).

Ultimate Dubstep is really packed with all the essential elements you might need to kick off
any production. The bass riffs are really ruff and the drum loops are very tight. I totally dig the drum one shots. The patches are really usable and were very easy to modify further. Great over all pack.

My God! This pack is amazing! Big number of awesome bass sounds, loops, one shots. Very useful for any hard style such as Dutch, Drum Step, Dub Step, Electro and etc.…Mmm, I love this pack!
Vol. 2 is needed for sure!
Much respect to High Rankin!

this is a nice and useful collection - bith the samples and the massive presets work well, sound great and fit into a broad range of music, not only dubstep. nice to have the Massive preset settings so you can re-play or even alter the existing samples - very nice!


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