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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Artist Series


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 170 - 180

It's amazing to me every time I get insight into how another Producer thinks and works .It always unlocks another creative lock in my brain and makes me think slightly different.This sample pack is one such moment,where the sound design and approach is so far away from how I do it myself,yet makes perfect sense once I got my head around it.The beats especially are miles from my own ideology,but very fresh whilst still paying homage to the heritage that is DnB music . Good selection of inventive and quirky loops , with a focus on keeping it quite organic sounding and with amazing control within the stereo image . The bass loops are weird,but wonderful , with enough variety to be of use for anyone,regardless of genre . A great selection of music loops , again , not just for the DnB fanatics but of use and inspiration across the spectrum . I'd say this is another sure shot winner from Loopmasters,and a great follow up to the amazing Octane & DLR sample pack . Essential purchase .

Lynx bringing the minimal dnb sounds to another level. Straight up clean drum hits, perfectly engineered cheeky bass samples and effects to shape everything into that rolling spaced out production. You can hear Lynx's signature sound over any track, which is what makes him stand out from the rest, this is what every producer needs in their librery...

I wouldn't expect nothing less than this, Lynx engineers, creates and shapes the sound of 170! 10/10 perfect perfect perfect!!!

This is a well constructed and useful pack for modern sounding drum and bass and beyond. There is a good variety of slamming, percussive and processed drum loops that can be easily chopped up and customised.

The bass and synth sounds are on the darker side, lots of sci-fi growls and whines, all nicely recorded, and eq'd perfectly to slot into most tracks.

There is a nice selection drum and SFX hits that will work for any electronic style, great for layering and as a starting point for deeper modulation.

This pack has been a welcomed supplement for us in the studio. We have already sampled some of the drum hits and break components but its his use of reverbs and fxs on the bass patch's that are second to none. Its refreshing to have access to such a solid sample pack. Watch out for some forthcoming Need for mirrors tunes c/o eclectic drum and bass.


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