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Genre: Asia

Additional Styles: Asia and Orchestral

For what this is,it hits the spot 100% . Pretty good recordings,a nice variety of themes and a good selection for each BPM group . I'd like to see even more content tho,and in BPM's a little closer together , as real bow instruments doesn't really timestretch well .

If your into mixing a high quality classic orchestral vibe on your music production, this pack here is probably the right one for you!
With different BPM's, Flavours & oriental influences here you can choose from varied types of very up-to-date classical music territory!

it's a wide range of oriental flavoured orchestra sounds. Loving it.
I also like the way it has been arranged on Ableton with all the macro effects that allow you to actually add extra flavours to the original samples. nice one.

I am in the process of working on a new album, and this strings are soooo welcome. they gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas were to go. thank you so much.. recording quality is great too.

Brilliant collection of string loops, works really well as source material for all styles of music.

Great for just getting small snippets of well recorded strings, or for whole loops as well! Would definitely recommend if your strings are needing a bit more class!

If strings are what you need.. You gotta have Oriental Orchestra by Earth Moments in your sound bank. Symphony style strings on any beat makes the producer sound genius. Are you a GENIUS? If yes.. Step into the AM and come play with the big boys.



The library is recorded really well, its lovely sounding. the only problem is that the lines are obviously preset, and would be concerned about everyone sounding the same. I cant say a bad word about the quality or quantity of the library, its perfect, just was hoping for more single notes and multisamples.....

A sonically rich pack of orchestral (primarily string) samples filled with hints of the orient. Very well recorded sounds with wide dynamic range for all occasions. If you want a touch of Asia to your orchestral sound be sure to look here!

Another fantastic pack from EarthMoments. Beautifully performed and recorded, these samples slot into your project with very little processing. Lots of different tempos to fit all different styles and lots of different keys too. I've really enjoyed layering up different samples from this pack to create the feeling of a larger string section. Navigating through the samples is easy with folders labelled by tempo and keys of each sample cleary stated in the file names. Great pack!


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