Been waiting for this one for a long time, the Industrial Strength Reese pack from the original massive has been a huge main stay in my studio for some time and this one updates it with the extra raw power and engine from the newer massive incarnate! You get 50 Custom made Presets all are outstanding and will no doubt be hitting every serious dnb heads arsenal in the near future!

Awesome set of Reese presets! This is what it says it is, a collection of Reese presets for Massive X! Lots to choose from and all very usable, if you make DnB, Dubstep or any other bass music these will probably be useful for you!

As a big fan of Industrilal Strength and Gancher & Ruin, i was really curious about the stuff they did with new Native Instruments synth. And what they did is a great job as always. Useful sounds with (almost) no need of additional processing. Really useful preset pack with great amount/value ratio. Great starting tool to dig deeper into endless possibilities, which Massive X offers! The real magic begins with automation of parameters in the presets. Big up IS and G&R!


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