Singomakers back with the rolling bangers! Fantastic collection of over 500meg of everything you'll need to kick start your DNB rollers, with some exceptional patches for Xfers Serum! Inspired by artists like Alix Perez, DLR, Enei, Break, Sustance and labels like Shogun Audio, the pack is absolutely heaving with quality, and the drum loops cut through the mix like a knife!

If you're into deep rolling drum & bass this serum preset pack is a great addition to your library. Whether you want to use the presets as they come, or as a starting point for your own sound design, this pack is great. I've already messed around with a bunch of the presets, learning how the sounds are made in order to create my own. Well worth the price of a few cups of coffee.

Amazing pack with gold sprinkled on it from start to the very end! The extent of the pack is massive and offers loads of variation and sounds for any type of genre. Whilst being tailored to dnb the beats, bass and melodic areas are fantastic and bring a massive sonic cloud of joy to whatever your working on.

Starting with the amount of presets this pack provides you can definitely say that this is a mega pack. However, unlike big megapacks, this contains sounds that are bold and useful. The majority of the presets are bass sounds (as is natural for a DnB pack) and have extremely effective macros for fleshing out the sound to their full potential. The other sections of Fx Pads and Synths are also very useful and well designed. When we brought some of these sounds into our productions we were astonished by how little additional processing was needed. With the addition of the Midi files & corresponding wavs in the folder, one can get an insight as to how the sounds were ideated and with what creative intent.


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