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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: EDM

A more creative approach to FX sets, which is quite good. You dont hear the run of the mill sounds- Marc layers and tweaks everything...even down to the crashes to make them a bit more interesting. He nicely splits up the risers into 1-2-4-8 & 16 bar folders, making it nice and easy to find what you want. This set has more of a "robotic" texture to everything. A great compliment to one of the other more standard fx packages that you can find on Loopmasters.

Im always on the hunt for a great effects pack and Elevation FX is just one of those sound source's
that is a must have. The amount crystal clear effects in the pack is outstanding. The uplifters, impacts and side chain Effects are great for my productions and even more so in my mix work in. One of the key things in which to help beef up parts and transactions is exciting motion within the stereo field.
There is enough goodies in this bad boy to keep you going back for more. So grab on to something tight cause Elevation FX is move its way into your next track with ease !

good quality stuff in this box, all in there - most of the sounds and fx is useful but i would have loved to get more of the longer build-ups. the allover sound quality is fine, actually a cool package to work with.

For a Fx sample pack it doesn't get much better than this! I like the fact that they are categorized by bar length. Easy drag and drop for those massive builds and drops. Great for anyone looking for suspense and drama during their breaks and turnarounds!

Another cool pack from Loopmasters! Some really cool risers and power downs. Really worth having in your studio effects arsenal.
This pack has massive variety. Perfect for all styles of EDM. Essential.

Designing sound effects takes time and doing them well take a lot of time. This pack will ensure that your track gets that extra layer of major that is missing from several producers works. Covers a large range of effects and really the only pack you need for this kind of stuff.

Fantastic pack of Effects here.. perfect to add those final touches to your production. The icing on the cake so to speak with so many great risers, transitions, impacts and crashes and carry overs all of which will help gel all your sounds and channels together to give that overall polished feel.


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