Always stellar stuff from Utku- he always brings it. The drums are super tight and so authentic. If you are looking for the best dubstep drums - look no further. Even if you dont do dubstep, these drums are great for a break/ bridge/ 'middle 8' section. The bonus folder of basslines & synths is great and rounds it out. The only complaint I ever have for Freaky Loops stuff is that I wish he also did Apple Loops. Otherwise, theres never really anything bad to say. Awesome stuff, once again !

If your looking for tight and driving Dubstep drum loops for your next production or remix
look no further. Freaky Loops is back for a round of slamming beats to get your music bits fired up and ready for action, i love the top loops included in the pack as they are the most difficult to make on the fly. The loops in the pack can be mashed up to create new patterns and textures. If your just starting out in Dubstep this pack will help you along the way !

pretty simple pack , some cool loops , all sounding nicely processed to give them bite in the mix,
nice to have the sounds in there separate parts , that was the most useful thing as then you can just grab a good bass drum and snare and re write your own pattern . the sounds worked really well for this, as there are some good hefty snares and kicks in there

This package is very diverse and can be used for many different genres outside dubstep. I found the sounds to be very well produced and sonically dynamic.
There is also lots to choose from. Synths and heavey full sounding drum hits.
Over all very impressive.

if dubstep is what your are making then this is 1 of the drum packs you should defiantly buy

very good samples easy to use and very fast results .

NICE DRUM LOOPS with some cool sounds and the bonus bass loops were convincing although generic
one downer was that there were no single shots hence 7/10


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