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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Vocals and Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 96 - 140

I've been searching for Rap acapellas for ages. This pack is exactly what i was looking for. Hip House becoming extremely popular again and there are so many good ideas in this pack. I'll be using them in my tracks.

Yes Yes Yes! That pack working well for me! High quality loops, Good singers...A lot of single words and phrases which you can use in your tracks. Vocal is a best tool ever. Will use this pack in my tracks for sure!

There's a great variety of different voices on here depending on what kind of track you're producing, also different tempos, but everything is recorded cleanly enough to be able to chop out single words and phrases. Some of the lyrics are pretty comical but there is plenty of serious stuff to work with here and give your tune a bit of attitude! You'll find something usable in here especially if you start to play with the pitch!!

Not gonna lie, some of the loops had me laughing, especially the use of tea kettle in a rap, genius! This does not, however, detract from the fact that I love this pack (if anything it's a bonus). There are a ridiculous number of great samples to be had here that could easily make it into any dance track. Perfect for all those one liners before a drop.

These acapella packs are brilliant. I am producing a young rapper at the moment and i was looking for some acappelas to live up the vibes of our tracks.........it sounds now, thanks to this pack, that we've recorded in NYC in a room full of party people.....love it

My first review for Loopmasters and I wanted it to be a pack that I think is perfect for any style genre of music - obviously certain vocal packs are focused towards particular genres but with this one you can use it's stems for whatever direction you want to take your productions. From electro through to Hard-dance this pack is perfect for adding something extra to your ideas.
Samples are super clean and come through in the mix perfectly, you won’t have to spend hours EQing and tweaking to try and make them work.

I really hope they release a vol.3 as both 1 and 2 are great additions to your sample database and I shall be using this pack in a number of my forthcoming tracks – definitely worth a purchase.

Having absolutely rinsed Part 1 of NY Rap Acapellas this pack picks right up where that one left off. Attitude, rhythm and rhyme in equal parts. Great for four bar loops or cut up phrases.

If you are struggling for Vocals and just need some nice little one liners then this is a cool little sample pack. Having used Part 1 as well then this is a great addition. We never tend to use stuff straight and always cut it up and use in another context but there are lots of lines and phrases here that you can use to for the basis of a tune :-)

I recognized a lot of sounds in this one from other songs throughout the years. There was a lot of stuff on this and I found quite a bit of usable stuff. I didn't like a couple of the MCs voices, but there were a lot I really did like. The lyrics got a little silly, but I was able to wade through those pretty quickly. Overall pretty usable pack here.


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