What can i say really!? Superb as always from Organic Loops. Amazing sound, super usable riffs, all round 10 out of 10. If you want low tempo strings then buy the pack you will not be disappointed.

More from Pete Whitfelds industry standard series of strings. This one has added a chamber to our library, giving us a timberland dynamic to our dnb productions. check for our track d.f.t.f for a interesting approach to using this style of string. Even at a low tempo this pack creates some interesting ideas that can be worked around 170bpm. Again this is serious quality and i need the rest of the series.

We were very pleasantly surprised by this incredible collection of string compositions. Beautifully scored and stunningly recorded, the strings sound amazingly warm and the effect is emotive. Not only do you get a selection of phrases and loops which you can sling straight into your tracks, but also MIDI files so you can easily build on the audio in the package. These strings could be used in hip hop, trap, dubstep or even drum & bass tracks with relative ease. Absolutely amazing work!

Amazing carefully crafted sounds with plenty of variation and creative combinations. Great sample pack and value.

This is more like it. very useful strings - in fact these are great for d&b as well as hip hop. good work!

These guys have consistently produced packs containing really high quality recordings and great composition and this one is no exception. The recordings sound warm and close mic'ed, they are very much motown as opposed to hollywood and this means they incorporate in to hip hop and other edm genres well.

Oldie but goodie. These are 'real string' as stated in the title....no synths here. This wont be for everyone's taste and won't necessarily be for all hip hop...but there are styles and times you want really cool authentic strings. This pack has it. From staccato to legato, stabs, pads and trills. From sounding like 50 Cent to Scott Storch, these string loops are excellent. They will work for hip hop but probably also good for mid tempo and pop stuff as well. You get broken down riffs as well as full sounds. Top notch Organic Loops !


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