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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Cinematic

One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 180

This pack really has humungous sounds. The produktion level is very high with deep growling parts layerd with metal clashing high end.
This pack has that, "the audience is listening" feel! But transposed for your musical production.
The sounds are especially good for a newschool sound like your Dubstep and electro productions.
Thanx once again,

This is what a sound bank should be. it opens up the imagination sparks of inspiration are flying around the studio.the spatial imageing is second to none. this gets the sci fi juices flowing i feel anything can happen from here this is a must have if your a genre busting producer

Cinematic FX is indeed one really impressive palette of sounds and effects that can give texture to any production. I have found the package to be inspirational for techno tracks, and I am already using both the edgier sounds, as well as the softer samples in my productions.
Jet explosions, textures and drones, whooshes and sweeps among my favs so far, so thumbs up for this collection.
Highly recommended.

Without doubt, a most useable pack of dynamic effects that I've been using a lot for score work over the last couple of weeks. Wonderfully produced and with all of the eerie twistedness required for the majority of cinematic material. This said, these effects used in the right way would add some serious impact to any of the various dark electronic genres. Good stuff.

Lovely stuff. Really great collection of well layered and deep FX. Definitely saves a lot of time where previously i would have sat for hours sampling films. Really great to give your stuff a more organic feel and additional depth. Great work guys.

You don't need to look any further for 'go to' sound effects and sound design if you want to add that Cinematic dimension and impact to your productions. Quality, easy to find, pragmatic solutions to cover many genres and styles. And if let your imagination run wild, for the creative sampling heads out there you've got a ton of unusual new waveforms to experiment with in new genres. You should check the second volume 2. A very useful 'must buy.'

This Superb pack has NFM all over it, reverse flip and drench these with effects and you have that depth to create some fantastic futuristic cinematic music. Perfect for drum & bass, I need to check vol2 asap. Sci-fi heaven...

If you're struggling to get those tones and drones nailed down, or even if like me, you just want to quickly place a temp-file in there while you develop out your sketches into a project, then this is the pack for you! There are all sorts of impacts, snare hits, sweeps, and stingers, and you'll even find banks ready for your favourite sampler built right in and ready to go, making this pack essential for my own workflow process in getting those creative ideas out fast.


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