This pack contains some great presets that could be used in electro house, dubstep, even drum & bass. There's loads of bass noises which just require some FX to make them into bassbin-worrying monsters, plus some cheeky leads and synths. If you're looking for something to add to tracks in the style of Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner etc then this is definitely worth checking.

As usual, Freaky Loops nails it with the hottest sounds. This set for Massive is excellent- the bass sounds are mean and dirty and will make your speakers bleed. Doesnt matter what kind of complextro, electro or dubstep you make- these sounds will make your track shine. Completely authentic club sounds- no "wannabe" sounds. The added effects are a bonus. A bunch of the sounds already have sidechain compression- which is great as well. If you want the complextro or dubstep sound, you must buy wont be disappointed.

Pretty nice collection. Lot of good bass patches, typical massive sound as usual. But for me was a surprise to find a really nice pluck sounds and leads.

All the Complextro Products are at the top end of Electronic Music production and here again this Dubstep massive Presets is a great addition to the collection. You don't just have to be making Dubstep to appreciate these sounds as can be used right across the board whether you are making Drum & Bass, Dubstep or hard edged 4/4 music.

siiiick ...some great start of points , a nice mixture of sounds also , if you want something in yer face to work into your own sound then these are deffo a good place to start ...


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