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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub

One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 100 - 140

Here is a Amazing collection of sound fx that can work with most styles of music as long as its depth you want.
Ambience, textures, sweeps and stabs plus many other glitchy / quorky sounds to get lost in.
A User friendly pack.

Really inspiring sound selection overall.Well thought out and diverse.If you're looking for that something extra to spice up your tracks somewhere outside the norm,this pack is loaded with it.I instantly found myself inspired,wanted to put these sounds to use!Only drawback is the template is set to 140 for each sound with FX,so get yourself a good time stretch algorithm!Must have.

I use a lot of dub step and drum and bass effects in my productions they are unique and have a very good quality. Here is another one of those amazing packs. It has so many useful sounds it will immediately give a different taste to your track. Quality is amazing as always. Would be a lot better if we had the apple loops folder but can't complaint. Ambience and Glitchy sounds at this quality are hard to find. Love it...

Ah, now this is a fresh concept, and the content befits the title. Rather than just a generic pack, you get an evocative collection of loops and hits that span a variety of moods and vibes that could inspire any number of tracks at any tempo's. I think pack's like this should have their own tag/category; inspirational! Nice work..look forward to more like this.

Looking for interesting textures, spaced out synths and weird sound effects then this is the pack for you! All loops and sounds are top quality psychedelic dub sound effects. In every section I found something I could use in a track - whether that be an ambient background or solid synth stab. Great for dub-Techno, trippy house and anything else that needs that extra dub dimension.

Grab-bag boutique of dub embellishments adding spaced-out dimension wherever they be skillfully placed. Between the ambience files and the single shots sound system flavor can be constructed and applied across any and all styles. The Synth Stabs are key-labeled while everything else is pure abstract dubby goodness ranging from longer sweeps and transitions to shorter detail drops.


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