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Genre: Moombah

Additional Styles: Moombah


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 112 - 112

Excellent job by Push Button bang on this set. Obviously geared towards the Skrillex/ Doctor P/ Bassnectar/ Rusko sound- its a great combination of genre blending beats & noises to make your ears bleed. You get loads of variety in the loops, especially the Song Starters- almost too much, some variations are even bit unnecessary. The sound quality of everything is excellent and the sounds are 100% authentic. You get leads & bass loops. Some bonus sounds and the Song Starters, which are really good. Everything is at 112 bpm - so mix and match as much as you want. All the sounds modulate and arpeggiate- no static sounds. Another great job from PBB !

by Push Button Bang

Nice dirty neat little Moombah/ Dubstep producers packake and a perfect intro to all things Dub driven be it Dubstep, Moombathon, Trap, Sufi Dub DnB . The beats are crisp and the basslines sick! Traktor lovers will love this for their live digital sets

sick pack , just eveything is well done and quality , lots of attention to detail , one of the most fun things is the kontakt patch of bass hits and bleeps, really good fun to play with and just nice to have a load of dope sounds at your finger tips in one patch.


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