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Genre: Synthwave

Additional Styles: Chillout, House, Techno, Synths, Synthwave, and Synthwave


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 150

very good quality package here, lot of effort put in it for sure. Loving the drums samples too and great atmospheres on the synths more like this please!

A very unique pack of nostalgic sounds perfect for all styles of electronic music as well as dnb. Even though the tempos range 90>150 bpm, parts can be re worked into 170. Also check for the drums section of the pack which has a great selection of arps, blips hits and stabs from modular, moog & wave station and many more synths. This pack is a good introduction into vintage sounds.

Classic Synthology by Loopmasters puts you in the mind center of Bob Moog. In case you don't know Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog, founder of Moog Music, was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. The pioneers of the sound industry paved the way for producers to create. So, I encourage you to use the tools and create your legacy. Classic Synthology, download it now.

Keith Shocklee

Classic Synthology by Loopmasters

Adorable classic synth sounds ! this is a delightful bag of goodies for anyone into a classic retro synth sound! Ideal for alternative electonica from Transnational Dubstep to Indie based dance music and works a treat with futurist drum and bass.

Really liked the sample when I heard this. I am such a sucker for classic synth sounds! It is so refreshing to hear sounds that are not always created in the digital realm, as so many are today. It's not your typical short synth shot pack, more in tune with showcasing different modulations. This is a cool pack to have to had some unique substance to a track. Personally, I think taking some of these sounds and using short bits of them with delay effects might work really nicely, will definitely try it out!

Another one of those amazing packs. Synthology is full of goodies, Drum Loops and Bass Loops are absolutely amazing. But the single hits folder is the star of the pack for me. So many interesting drum sounds will help you to create super sexy loops. This pack is recommended for all genre producers...

Some really nice experimental stuff here which, if used thoughtfully, would fit most styles of dance music. Haven't even touched the drums yet but the bass, atmospheres and sequencer loops are all great.

A surprising amount of excellent drum / percussion material here: both hits and loops (and loops that can be mined for hits). Overall quality is generally fantastic and the inventiveness is inspiring. In the best way possible 'Classic Synthology's content is less genre-specific and more timeless than a lot of sample packs. Great Moog stuff, wonderfully bizarre bits and head-turning originality within.


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