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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Progressive House, EDM, and Sound Archives


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BPM: 126 - 126

Not sure if "Swedish" really fits- but this is just a top notch all around EDM pack. Bass loops, drum loops, tuned kicks, percussion, vocoders, vox shouts, synth loops...its all in here. Just coming back from Ultra & WMC- this set is whats happening now. If you cant come up with a hot track from this set, try another business.

i wouldn't really call this swedish house but i see where the title would come from, in my opinion this pack is full on electro big room EDM. massive break down synths with Power and of course the 'drop'. overall a great pack with elements that are waiting to be put together and get onto a cdj ready to explode.

lots of dope ammo, liked the beat loops , some pretty creative percussion in there. Always nice to have a few sytnh presets to mess with also .
solid pack all round with all the bits you need to add some flavor to a big room tune .

Big doesn’t always mean better, and when a 1GB package lands in my inbox I expected a little higher quality from a label who is usually bang on point. There are some super cool sounds you can build into your productions but overall I was struggling to find something that really jumped out and smashed my speakers. Disappointing but don't let that put you off this company as their past releases have been on form.

great synth lead sounds , some interesting and original drum loops too ..overall a big sounding pack great fo building the big edm tunes


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