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Genre: EDM

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One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 128 - 128

Great pack from Singomakers. Having Apple Loops makes things a whole lot easier and faster when creating. I believe Singomakers really listened as they deliver MIDI files with this release. Hvaing the midi files- lets producers come up with layers as well as their own sound. Definitely a plus in my book. You get drum loops, bass loops, synth loops, effects, some vocal snippets, and standard drum shots. I would have like to have the kicks labeled in their key though. Definitely an outstanding EDM release- got all the current sounds in a tight package.

Another huge release from one of my favourite production companies REZONE – this is a monster package coming in at nearly 1GB of content, aimed at those who love EDM but a lot of these samples and ideas can be used in several genres and styles of dance music.

The addition of the sampler patches is a huge plus as it lets you really tweak and work on a sound you like but want to make your own. Lots of midi, riff loops and insane bass finishes things off nicely; worth a buy!

Supercharged EDM
by Singomakers

This is EDM at its finest! The Drums Bass and synths are a delight and perfect for anyone just getting into the EDM scene . This package is well rammed with some outstanding loops perfectly crafted for dropping in any composition or live DJ/ Digital sets .

rezone always manages to capture the most popular styles & sounds in dance music and gives you them in these excellent packs, this one in particular is again fresher sounding and a big upgrade on previous packs of the same styles on the market. The audio samples are all high quality 24bit and the pack is over 1 gig in size so you know you are getting your moneys worth.

good collection, a lot of usable stuff! i like the kisk a lot, punchy and in your face. some dirty nasty house loops in there and the bass loops can be an inspiring source for new ideas! cool package!

My career and EDM are miles apart musically, but you can find some interesting parts from other genres, even if they don't fit you style. Music is about breaking those boundaries I grab a bunch of parts from these, roll my sleeves up and get to work with my fx tools.
I've used many bits in some super credible underground track...who would have thought! It's worth exploring other genres for ideas.


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