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Genre: Chill Trap

Additional Styles: Hip Hop, Future RnB, Trap, and Chill Trap


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 160

"CAPSUN - Chill Trap and Future RnB" by Loopmasters is a new, electronic interpretation of the popular R+B genre that has existed for decades. In this pack, the swinging rhythms of R+B are mixed with thick synths and effects. Tribal rhythms, dramatic builds and arpeggiatting synths add more flavor.

Inspirational stuff. Really enjoying the vibes in this pack. It's flawlessly executed and provides you exactly what the title says. The drums are still pretty heavy hitting so could be used for lots of things.

A great collection packed full of variety. Really detailed sound design and processing for each sound. This pack is full of inspiring sounds.

Seems like a really cool pack. Title is very appropriate as I think its very useful if you are making Future House or even good for any sample-based music. Nice to have packs like this to go through when looking to add just a little something instead of using a vst so that it sounds more natural, be it a vocal sample from here or whatever you desire. Will try this out for sure in my own stuff!

interesting take on the trap sounds , some itneresting parts and musical riffs , actually nice to take them out of context and use them in other genres also ...the sounds and riffs are really fresh

solid engineering. really good re-processable stuff. handy if you're new to the genre!

very useful and great sounding pack, loads of cool and heavy drum sounds to play with. nice to have them in sampler formats as well - for me a nice addition to my sample library!


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