Great set from PBB for that authentic Brazil carnival drum sound. These sounds can be used in anything- dont think as them solely for the Brazilian vibe. Within seconds of loading them into Logic- I dropped a loop into a big room club track and it made it that much cooler. There are a HUGE amount of loops, which you can build up to create a wall of sound. Im somewhat sick of hearing the same thing over and over again from all the big DJ's and here is a great way to stand out from the rest.

The kind of sounds and rhythms and textures that you just can't fake. There's no programming these kind of loops. It has to be the real thing, and that's just what you get here.

Huge pack of essential latin percussion elements, that can impart that global/ethno-tech groove and flavour to all your house/tech tracks. Worth noting that they mostly have a pulsing volume/filter modulation effect which can limit them to 4/4 Kick patterns. Would have preferred the choice in the case of making broken/nu-jazz/breakbeat track with syncopated off beat Kicks...however..this's a killer pack.

very authentic sounding ,definately has the big bold carnivaL sound, lots to play with , i think with this pack you need to be prepared to do a bit of work, its not just a grab a loop and go kinda thing, but saying that the results would be much more real sounding , you can fully create the sound that you had recorded live from this ,or go in hard and process the raw loops into somthing really cool and original, PPB packs always seem to have a real "pro" feel with there products and this carry on that quality .

Bucket loads of Brazilian beats in this pack (as you would expect from the title!) perfect to spice up your productions with that Latin American twist. Live recordings of the real deal from Batucada beats to bells, whistles, shakers and a huge array of percussive sounds and loops. Clever use of these kind of samples will really make your tracks stand out from the rest. Now.. where did i put my Caipirinha?!

This is probably one of the most extensive and well recorded collection of Brazilian percussion loops available for electronic music production. The recordings are authentic and live performances available as full group percussion ensembles and hi-end loops (aka top loops) which are also broken down into a folder of loops for each separate instrument. Everything here is very useful for including in dance music tracks, each loop is performed tight and at 128 BPM. It would have been nice to have had regional Brazilian rhythms included at different tempos and time signatures along with individually recorded drum hits, but then that could possible be overkill on what is already an exceptionally good sample pack.

If you're looking for a sample package that can give your next track that latin-feel this would be a perfect place to start. From groovy bits to ambience and SFX's I can see myself using this one a lot in the future. Push Button Bang has done a tremendous job and the samples hardly need any extra tweaking to blend in - highly recommendable!

A really tasty pack. For producers that want to make their tunes as authentic as possible, but don't have the budget or access to players to hit the nail on the head, then this is a answer to a fair few problems.


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