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Genre: Blues

Additional Styles: Blues, Guitars, Bass, and Vocals


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 70 - 120

Absolutely brilliant sample collection that can't be faulted really. Authentic, lovingly recorded loops and the I think the vocals are the standout for me. So much to choose from in here, there's plenty of scope for slicing and dicing these sounds way beyond their original form. With the current trend towards blues and jazz influenced house tracks I'm sure these will find their way into any number of house and techno productions.

Wow- another killer set from Loopmasters. This is a BIG set- lots to choose from. Everything is broken down into fine detail. You get bass, drums, guitars, harmonica, mandolin and vocals. There are different variations and sounds within each category. Everything has a nice 'dusty/ record' sound to them. This set is for the person looking to create something different. You can mash this with new elements to create something 'futureretro' as well. Loopmasters obviously put a lot of time and effort into the quality and precise recording process and it really shows. Amazing job !

Great set of authentic sounding loops and instruments here with absolutely loads to wade through. Each section is a pack in itself with bass, drums, guitars and harmonica all featuring. Obviously not often appropriate for my house productions but a mighty solid thing to have as an option.

They nailed it on this series! I can't get over the raw feel and vibe they were able to capture! Nothing better than chillin on your porch in your rocking chair sippin' on some sweet tea.. Such an awesome element to bring to your track!

Excellent pack, loaded with stellar performances and highly useful sounds that cover a broad palette.
Will find uses in many productions that are rooted in blues.
Highly recommended

A fantastic follow up to Blues Sessions Part 1. More of the same, because if it ain't broke... These samples and snippets will bring an authenticity to any track, from the original idea through to the finished product.

This is an absolute monster of a pack. If you are looking for legit as it comes live blues loops then this is it really. The vocals are a real treat and can be thrown in over any genre really. This will be great for weaving into other styles. Great stuff

This is a great collection with a strong identity that follows on perfectly from Volume 1. These can be used to construct legitimate sounding blues tracks, or used in other contexts such as dance tracks to bring in unusual elements, giving tracks an identity. A lot of care has been put into constructing this pack, with great attention to detail. Not only are the musicians of high quality, there has also been a use of authentic vintage recording equipment throughout, adding to the authentic sound. There is a grit and depth to the samples, making them very usable and a lot of vocal samples to add identity to tracks. A very worthwhile sample collection!


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