Really cool afro-tech vocal set from Soundbox. These vocals can fit in with any time of EDM but probably work best with something with a tribal feel. You get a lot of variety with bpms ranging from 120-126. There are glitched vox, sidechained vocal loops, processed loops, male and female loops. Its a very cool pack and if youre looking for this type of sound- this set is top notch.

really good collection, with good quality samples, especially the long ensemble ones. In my case I found some of the samples cut up and quantised in an odd way, which required a lot of tweaking to get right, but in the end it's still a very useful collection and I hope I'll be able to feature it in some of my music.

One of my favourite sample pack to date. This is brilliant

Just made a new tune with vocal hit from this pack. Great balance and variety of vocals

A good amount of useful vox bits in here , great for making your own glitches & chops with , especially if your on that afro house / tribal vibe . alternatively there are some chopped up ready to use bits in there - perfect for getting a vibe going!

Great selection of authentic sounding african vocals. Good for chops and hooks. Would recommend.

Amazing vocal pack evoking both traditional past and the present via the chops, tweaks and gated loop treatments. The 'Glitch Vocals' files take things further out and are exemplary of what can be done with the rest of the pack. Inclusion of FX Only and pre / post gated loops add whole new possibilities for crafting your own perfect cut-ups. So many micro hooks that can be built into bigger ideas or remain in the background as melodic / rhythmic pulse making this a must-have.

This pack is pack is a must have you want to make authentic Tribal (Tech) House. There is a huge selection of male and female afro amercian vocalists, you'll find in there normal loops as well as processed and vocal fx loops. If you put in one of these vocal loops your track directly gets a Tribal House character. Big ups to Soundbox for this pack!

If you're looking for some cool and authentic Afro style Vocals or shouts, this is the library to go with. Comprehensive, sounds great, you can find loads of inspiring and useful samples and hooks in here. The variety is cool, and especially together with Volume 2 of this series you are ready for any kind of super cool tech house/tribal house/afro house tune. Loving the overall sound and wamrth of this library; I will definitely use some of the material for my next productions.

Simply a MASSIVE versatile pack of vocals, compiled from the previous five volumes in this series, meaning you know you've got both range and quality at your fingertips. There's over 1000 loops here, so once you started chopping and changing and creating your own the possibilities are endless. As an added bonus I found the hyper percussive nature very versatile when using aggressive filters also.


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