Pretty decent pack here from Mr Syrossian. Good selection of drums , loops and music with the drums winning out in my opinion. Could have done with more fx but otherwise all good.

A good selection of house loops! There is a cool drum loops session, with really good hihats and tops. I love the sample shots session, the hats sounds really hot and crunchy, perfect for an old school house track! In the music loops you can find very interesting piano or chords loops.

Really cool useable drum hits, nice loops, and great taster of the raw swinging flavour we've come to expect from Darius. Nice!

Really liking this pack! Great cutting edge sounds and fresh drums samples which I have incorporated into a few of my productions. Great work Mr Syrossian!

Darius is on fire at the moment, and here you get a taste of his signature sound. Loads of nice Analogue synths, quirky and original sounds, chunky drums, warm basses... Plenty of inspiration in here for cool techy grooves!

A nice focus on quality in this pack - the bass multi-samples are spot on and really well processed. Drum hits and chord stabs are great too. You can also have some additional fun if you chop up the drum loops into individual hits and reprogram them. Overall, plenty to fun to be had with this collection.

This is such a wicked sample pack from Darius Syrossian and Loopmasters! I particularly love the bass sounds, they are so fat! Perfect to add a bit of extra punch to your bottom end. The drum loops are great as well! Loads of different grooves matched with great sounds - a must have!

I'm a big supporter of Darius Syrossian and really rate his music highly so seeing this pack was a nice surprise. It does a really good job of giving an insight into Darius's production techniques with some awesome drums, basslines, and riffs that stretch right from House into Progressive and Tech House. All in all, I highly recommend this pack to anyone into electronic dance.

Pow! Some of the highest calibre, authentic, slick, swinging, production ready material you are likely to hear in this style. It's a bible of authority on the genre from a master of his art. A comprehensive and complete pack that packs a punch in every corner. I could listen to components and elements like this on there own - they're that good. Inspiring and highly recommended.


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