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Genre: Tropical House

Additional Styles: Tropical House



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120

Amazing ! Singomakers nailed this. This set gives you a great place to start and lots of room to build in your own creative parts. Each little grouping of sounds give you lots of inspiration as well as great loops to get moving. You get awesome melody loops, bass loops, drum fills, drum loops, voice loops, single drums hits, fx and more. Theres lots ot chose from- and everything is produced with the best quality sound. Have Apple Loops and midi loops makes the set complete. Great job !

think summer, beach parties, pool parties and then throw in the sound of 2016 and you get the delightful pack which just oozes quality from start to finish. Tropical house with names such as Sam Feldt & robin schulz has dominated dj sets around the world with a lot of live elements from guitars to kalimbas to drums, this pack has it all and in no time you to can get those ideas for your own slice of sunset bliss.

Great well organised back of tropical house sounds. Particularly love the drum fills and one shot drum hits. Will fit easily into any mix. Would recommend! Impressed by the large amount of ready-to-go material.

Here's a solid pack at hand.. This pack nailed it with the pitch bent vocals and tropical hits to set the mood for your 116-120bpm track! The loops are processed perfectly to match the melodies that are provided.. Tons of inspiration! (Does not include sunscreen or mimosas)

Great vibes, great sounds. A nice comprehensive basic sample collection which you can directly start a track with. Really helpful if you want to create a summerish tropical house tune, but alos for any other kind of house similar. All in there!

Great collection, sounds are all on point for the genre and thers a nice range here. also the inclusion for the midi, preset patches is useful. Personally I would have liked a bit more variation in the drum sounds as they're quite samey, but saying that whats there is good quality. The pack deffo captures the genre. The vocals are a nice touch, they're nicely abstract.


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