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Genre: Breaks

Additional Styles: Artist Series, Deep House, and Breaks


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 78 - 124

A fine selection here of warm rich and full sounds.
The bass lines are especially good, I've already got a few parts in a mix and it's sounding great.
A must for any deep/tech/funky house producer

A great little collection of to-the-point sounds. The emphasis is on real analogue synth sources and the soundworld is jazzy and mellow. The lead and pad sounds are colourful and rich. Not many drum hits here but the ones that are are well recorded and useful. You could create a nice jazzy groove from this CD alone :)

Yes this is hugely useful on many different levels and i can tell a lot of work went into this package.

Overall, strong for the advanced and basic users. The keyboard loops are all supplying more of those harder to get sounds from even harder to get synths, which i found handy for chopping and bastardizing. Because of their excellent sound quality, i was able to go REAL deep. And of course let's not underestimate the fact that these hooks were written by Atjazz, nuff said.

Highlights though were the amazing classic drum loops. Painstakingly re-created and then broken down into their separate elements - oh my... hours of fun (albeit serious fun of course).

Top package!

Great quality, which we've come to expect from Atjazz. The musical loops are as warm and sexy as you'd like, there's great drum loops and I love the way each element is broken down, with minimal processing to allow maximum freedom. This should appeal to those who love to get creative and program their own loops. In my opinion, this pack has everything you need to keep it deep and soulful, but you do need to be prepared to work with the materials rather than expecting to drop in 'finished' loops, and with the top production values in this pack, that's a good thing.

Head straight to the sampler patches for some lovely warm analogue bass, jazzy pads and fusion leads. It's all about the subtle nuances and evidently detailed programming in these sounds and patches that I can never usually find in sample packs and normally have to make them from scratch. Pure class.

Great pack from a legend of many styles!

Atjazz has always been ahead of the curve with a blend of organic sounds and a cutting edge groove. This pack showcases his ability to deliver material thats 100% above the norm...

Worth every penny...

I found some very usefull elements that inspired me to write trax straight away, very high quality in the samples.... big like, would love to see more from this man.

Man, for me this is one of the best sound packages around! Not only do I enjoy Atjazz as an artist, but I also get a piece of the Atjazz magic through this collection of killer sounds!!

I mean, Synth Loops, Sound & FX, Subtractor and Drum Loops are just some of my favs here...It's all just really SWEET! The chosen sounds and the quality of the sounds are ace. You don't need thousands of samples to make a killer package, just PRIMO sounds. "Deep & Analogue" is right in the pocket!!

Unfortunately for me, it took me a while to actually getting to listen to it due to my busy schedule. I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed and for sure, this made the day once I got to it. I am currently working on several projects and am all over it!!

Thanks for the magic!!

Wow if you are looking for quality deep house drum samples then this is the one for you.

There are some nice bass one shots that I have already used on tracks and remixes. I found the melodies a bit twiddly for me but nice in texture. However its the drums that really got my attention. Top class!

A excellent pack full of inspiring loops and sounds. great leads, pads rhodes chords and sfx, plus bass and drums in hits and breaks. Everything here is warm and soulful and with a little treatment can really get your creative juice flowing. check the sampler patches to really get inside the analogue sound the best you can with in the box. real analogue soul.

Atjazz one of the best producers out there so there is no question this is a great sample pack. Loopmasters sample pack label is building up a vast roster of packs. All samples are recorded to a very high standard. I can highly recommend this pack.


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