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Genre: Classic Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Hip Hop and Classic Hip Hop

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BPM: 95

A true "fantasy vinyl crate" bevy of outstanding samples from Rawcutz. 'Raw Skills' packs a one-two punch of inspiration: absolutely top-notch quality and the formatting to let any user blast right off into production mode. The loops are incredible out the box but the real fun begins when you start cutting and chopping bits together and despite all the variation everything feels wonderfully compatible here when mixed and matched. The Loops folders corresponding with the One Shots allows for maximum flexibility and is a comprehensive way to zero in on single sounds when navigation through the bounty on offer. I consider this a can't-go-wrong pack and another must-have gem from Rawcutz.

Best sample packs in the game.. really cant say anymore than what I've said in the past about Rawcutz. Again packed full of soo much goodness.. A real sense of quality over everyone else inside. Everything from heavy drums right through to deep Rhodes. There really is something for everyone and they wont be disappointed at all. Hurry up and make some more packs haha :)

The quality, quantity of content and value you get from Rawcutz is seriously impressive.
My top tip is don't be put off by the obvious generic associations. Think outside the box, get time warping and stretching and tuning, and you'll realise that these well curated kits have uses to span all tempos and genres. Recommended.

I'm all over these Rawcutz packs. The gritty sound of the samples are perfect to add that retro sound to your productions. Be it jazzy Hip Hop, down tempo or house music, these samples just work a treat. The musical loops are the treat in this pack, followed by the beat loops, use them to dirty up your clean cut beats by sitting them low in the mix. The single drum hits are well worth a visit too... crunchy goodness! Recommend you check out all the Rawcutz packs.

Whenever these packs come out - GET them! They never fall short of dope quality.. Always inspirational for hip hop but also perfect to layer other tracks too! One shots for days! And the love they put into each sound is heard with the warm delays, panning and subtle noises. A+

The Rawcutz packs are always worth a check, vibes through and through and this is no exception. I've found so many different uses for these samples, usually taking individual elements rather than full grooves, but they all have such an authentic flavour to them. Essential!


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