Huge and impressive pack with vast scope for all kinds of media and content applications.
Almost overwhelming, you could easily get lost in the detailed sound design and textural ambience, it's so good. This represents tremendous value for inspirational starting points. Epic!

Without doubt one of the highest quality cinematic sound design packs available on the market. Producing with real punch and presence, there is a huge selection of transfers, ambiences and hits - and every single one of them an absolute gem.

This is one sublime producers package well armed to the teeth the one finest in atmospheric sound design! The dark cutting edge sounds riddled in off world suspense is mindblowing! Not only is this great for deep compositions but amazing for you dark edge bass junkies who want that extra edge to their tracks or live shows! I am addicted to playing with this set!

Amazing! This pack is huge, over 4 GB of content. Tones of awesome sound effects, foley, ambience and sound scares. Everything you need to fill the gaps in your productions. Whilst it's geared towards cinematic projects this is an awesome tool for things like Neuro DnB and other Dark genres of electronic music. Great pack!

An enormous (5GB) grab bag of sci-fi-style sound effects, drones, textures, ambiences, hits,...

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In the previous issue of Soundbytes Magazine, I reviewed Disturbia from Cinetools and was much...

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I don't think Cinetools can do any wrong if I'm honest! Obviously great for work to picture etc, but can also easily be used to add great detailed elements and atmosphere to your tracks. I liked every folder to be honest as the sound design is impeccable start to finish, but the raw sources really caught me as it highlights just how much effort it must take to craft each sound. Excellent work as ever!


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