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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass



One Shots

BPM: 172 - 174

Possibly one of the best packs i've heard all year! this sample is heavy to the point that you must start making music straight away. The beats a pro sounding and very inspiring, whilst the basslines are well textured phat monsters in there own right!!! I love music elements and pads, the pack is one of which that keeps giving.

This pack isn't for the light hearted, heavy drums and nasty bass, very synthetic FX and music loops. I personally liked the the top line drum loops and breaks, definitely something I could work into some full cycle styles. Some of the bass stabs work perfectly filtered down. Highly recommend for the those that want something dance floor.

This is a savage sound pack for sure. Love all the great drum loops and heavy bass sounds included. Wicked section of SFX to drive parts in a build up or drop. It has some really nice breaks to bite into or just mangle up with other sounds in your tracks. This heavy hitter also is great for Hardcore and other fast paced electronic music no doubt. If you're looking for a super dope pack with extra bite, this one is for you.

Another great Drum & Bass sample pack from the guys / gals at DABRO Music. Choc'd full of the dirtiest of bass sounds, soaring pads and punchy drums, this pack is a welcome addition to my sound library. If you like your Drum & Bass on the heavier side of the spectrum, then you should definitely check out this pack.

DARBO Music is making one of the best sample-packs for Drum & Bass Music. You can not make any mistake to check this one out. The Drums are tight and the basslines have got all the textures you need to produce a modern Drum & Bass track. Grab it and have fun!


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