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Genre: Garage

Additional Styles: Artist Series, Garage, and House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 122 - 135

Wow, where did this come from! Such an amazing pack by the legend himself. I really don't think there is any point of talking about this pack, how good the loops are etc etc. It's just a must have! Now if you'll excuse me I will go and spend sometime with this!

As you would expect from the master of UK Garage and House is a pack of quality throughout. No fillers here. Coming from MJ Cole himself you are guaranteed hauntingly beautiful Rhodes and Piano lines that feel both dark and minor and also party and major. I can think of so many styles and applications that all this musicality would fit in to. Where this pack really shines for me though is the attention to detail and massive versatility of the all the drum and percussion loops and sounds. You have well over 100 drum, percussion and top loops and apart from being professionally produced the nuances, swing, grooves, and versatility in the actual percussion sounds themselves is awesome. These loops will give authenticity, feel and soul into any project you are making. Particularly those around the 120-135Bbpm mark. Whether that is house, groove, techno, UK Garage, FB or Dubstep all of these sounds will slot right in. Thanks MJ! : )

A simply brilliant collection from one of the UK's most influential and important artists over the last couple of decades. There's tons of great material in here - piano loops, Rhodes, strings, synths and more. This pack contains a great spread encompassing the evolution of MJ's different sounds and touches on 2-Step & 4/4 garage, house, classical and even some UK funky and bass elements. The drum hits and oneshots are plentiful and really nicely processed which means you'll be able to get a groove going in no time at all. One of my favourite folders is the reverses - great for adding tension and emotion and for injecting that MJ Cole vibe into your productions. The musicianship on the piano and rhodes loops is, as you would expect, first class and there are some beautiful cinematic, movie-score style riffs as well. Not to be missed!

*Champagne cork pops* Been waiting years for this one! An honour to have access to the unique sound palette of a living legend and innovator of the scene. I'm fascinated by workflow and techniques of artists I respect and admire. Head straight to Mr Cole’s trademark badass Beats and Bass for deep 'forensic' Riddim insight, and trademark Rhodes and Strings loops to hear rare solo performances in isolation. OMD! And hold tight for the 2-Step Riddims! World - this is an education and an inspiration, so listen, learn and then go swing some beats. Full marks and well done Loopmasters.

Im a huge fan of MJ Cole, his first album Sincere still hits the spot, and hasn't aged a bit. This pack still has those MJ strings and there are a couple of loops that feel like they have been lifted from that era. The bass hits and bass multis are perfect for jungle dnb, drum hits and synth hits etc also all work at higher tempos. I can't fault this pack. And look forward to part 2.

Been having loads of fun with this one. A very useful bit of kit indeed. Plenty to play with, some great drum sounds, really interesting synths and the rev fx are absolutely corking! Definitely worth a look for fans of his production. Get stuck in.

This is a great pack, I have been enjoying working with all the sounds and especially the sampler patches as this is were the sounds come alive and you can dig deep into being truly creative. Having these signiture sounds at your disposal you have the perfect sound source to make your own productions in which ever genre you produce. Classy as you would expect love the Rhodes sounds, and the Strings are beautiful, the pack also offers individual hits which is great to start developing the foundations of your own arrangements. I suspect you will keep coming back and discovering more great sounds and the many possibilties you can create. Extremely flexible as you would expect from a pioneer in this genre and highly recommended.


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