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Genre: Jungle

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Jungle

DAW Presets

One Shots


BPM: 176

This pack is full of authentic sounds, taking you back to the times of early warehouse parties and raves, which gives you a fantastic musical ride and retrospective of those days, yet maintaining a current and up to date feel. At your finger tips you have the Blue Print and DNA of Drum & Bass and Sound System Culture with a legedary sound-clash, giving you the tools to create your very own heavyweight Jungle Killa. Really well constructed kits and sounds you can dive into straight away, making it easy to construct your own arrangements really quickly and you will be up and running in know time. The Bass presets and Individual Kicks, Snares, and Hi Hats are excellent for that instant & timeless Jungle sound with great quality Subs and Reece leads to give you that grit to add to your latest production.

I'd say more old skull D&B than Jungle as the sounds cover not only the more breakbeat side of drum programming but rougher legato baselines like tunes from the mid to late nineties. There's plenty to get you going here and lots of vibes for inspiration but I guess from someone who doesn't have much experience producing D&B the drum loops are a good starting point and excellent way to see how the fills , host notes and rhythms are made. Sure there is lots of ragga style vocals and dub skank stabs and all the things you associate with jungle but there isn't too much you would gain from having a good old skull sample pack other than it fitting perfectly with your workflow as other Niche Audio Maschine packs do. I love Niche Audio and their Maschine packs and use them all the time. I don't feel this is their best pack but covers and angle that many producers find it difficult to include in their tunes. Old Skool Jungle vibes.

Serial killaz on the flex, A very simple pack reminds me of the old jungle warfare packs but worth checking out. Some great fx, bass sounds and drum hits, classic snare tones and some great percussion hits. If your a fan of jungle dnb this is for you. raw.

Top score for this pack! It's extremely difficult to find decent Jungle sounds and whoever produced it has got a serious arsenal of sounds. Love the flexibility on Drum Loops but the vocals and musical elements are the ones here for me. This pack just makes me happy...

There's a lot of good stuff here. Great drum hits, bass hits if you use them - a full one stop shop for a beginner looking to try making a jungle dnb track for the first time too. You could have a lot of fun with this.


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