Amazing sample pack!

Some wicked live drums which come in very handy for fills in all styles of music. Would love to have this guy play live over one of my sets! ;)

Jungle is a unique drummer and has made a huge contribution to he jungle and d&b scene. No one has a sound like him - raw, aggressive and unpredictable. he is the arch enemy of order. Chaos prevails and that's why i love him. In terms of pure energy this samplepack has it all. you won't get super hi fi crushed brick wall snares that automatically make a tune, but you will get inspiration by the bucketload. if you don't buy this you are a coward.

This is a great package for producers of all genres. Lots of great raw patterns that you could not really emulate on software. These loopps can really give your production a loose live feel.
Over all fantastic package !!

yes. love it.
a great sample pack that can be used for a wide variety of projects & genres.
a lot of the beats at higher tempos work well when slowed down too.
this is a good buy for anyone that likes having decent live drums kicking around the studio.

Some crazy drums work out here. Fits for a lot of genres. Liking it a lot.


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