Good mix of male and female vocal speaking bits. Its got preaching style, male, female & fx. Some of the line got me laughing - as it reminded me of the old "one liner" vocal sample CDs of the early 90's. A lot of the vocals are very good and useful. You will find that detuning and effecting some of the vocals will make them even cooler and more interesting. I think these will also work well as drop or pre-drop vocals... especially pitched up or down. Definitely worth getting for a good handful as you don't see a lot of new vocal sample sets like this.

Great male and female vocal lines with attitude! Very classic 90's house vibe about them, especially the female/male preaching. Nicely divided into female, male, FX folders etc. Well worth picking this up as these type of vocal lines can really help bring a track together.

Finding the perfect vocal phrase to lift up an intro or add a hook to a track can beĀ  tricky...

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Some really nice delivery in this pack with a real authentic 90's feel. Although not a huge pack there's still alot to work with and a nice split of both male and female voices that can be used in a variety of applications on all sorts of genres... excited to explore these on some forthcoming projects!

Speakin & Preachin is a useful pack of vocal phrases made to fit easily into your productions. The styles are organised into directories such as Male, Female, Freestyle, effected and vogue. The quality is good and well recorded, perhaps a bit too clean for some rougher productions styles though so additional processing might be needed. In each category there is a mixture of cliched and unique phrases so there is a high chance of finding the right hook for your track. I would however liked to have had a selection of longer full length speeches to edit from rather than just short phrases.

This pack is a must-have as it's not easy to find decent vocals if you are looking for decent speech or shouts. I have decided to download after listening to the female vocal samples on the demo and found lots of other useful bits after downloading. FX bit is highly useful too! Good stuff!!!

Really good pack here for house music especially. A lot of different voices and phrases to go through. I really like a couple of the female speaking vocals on this one. They sound like they will fill in a lot of tracks pretty easily.


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