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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Hip Hop and Vocals


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 96 - 170

Look no further, the roughest and touchest rappers are in this pack. Strong raps fueled with attitude. Must have for putting some edgy street vibe in your tracks.

A really extensive collection of vocals. If you're looking for that New York feeling in your dance track no matter what genre, this pack is for you. Great range of BMP's. Definitely something for everyone here.

This pack has super selection of vocals bits which are really great for my Hardcore and Techno productions a like. Each vocal stem has a great vibe and the vocals samples are really great for mashing and chopping so i can rework them any way i like which i feel is important to keep a original vibe when using the vocals. The pack defiantly brings that cool old school Nyc rap flavor !

It's great to have such a specific sample pack as this. we are always looking for little bits of vocals that we can use for tracks and you are then always either have to re-create the vocal or clear the sample which can be a problems so it is great to have these to choose from and add to the collection. These have been well recorded as well so are also great to then use processing on to create new sounds and textures with them.

Many Thanks for this one

Loads of great soundbytes and one liners to spice up any tune. As with so many samples, you are really only limited here by your own imagination. Rather than trawling through bad quality MP3s for that one line that will make your tune, these super hi quality files more than do the job. Killer stuff.

Some great raps with some great delivery's on offer here. There are various different performers who all offer something slightly different. Lots of usable raps and hooks on offer. Quite a unique pack in the respect that it offers you a new palette of performance and hook lines that you won't find anywhere else. I've used quite a few pieces myself recently.

This pack can be utilised in many way and is great for cutting up and re sampling. It is also very varied in terms of content.

Thanks X

An awesome collection of short vocal loops from five diffierent rappers. Whether its hiphop, house or drum & bass you produce this pack is sure to come in mighty handy! The samples are in the raw form which is great as lots of fun can be had finding small sections that work for you and editing the hell out of them. All in all a worthy addition to almost any producers sample library!!


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