What can be said about this pack that hasn't already been mentioned in the review. Very occasionally you wonder how much time producers of packs put in to make them. In this instance it is clear that there has been oodles of love and time to painstakingly creat every nuance in this pack. The music loops are simply outstanding, almost like listening to pieces of music all on their own - and there are 400 of them. There's no end in your lifetime to what you could do with these music loops. You could make any genre from them, you can cut, edit, mix and match to creat anything. Yeah sure they are mostly in A minor but plenty of them are open so you can transpose them to C Major and you are away and have every major and natural minor scale covered. Then we go onto the beats, of which there are 1000! Amazing loops that cover the full gamut. There are bass, chord, kick, snare, hats and fx hits which cover just about all urban styles. There really is no limit to this quality pack. For me absolutely wiorth the money for the music loops and chord hits alone. Thanks guys. I'm inspired!

Timeless classic from Rawcutz, and so pleased to have this part of my sound libiray. Really love all the elements of this pack, full to the brim of excellent content. You will be spoilt for choice with some of the best sounds around in this genre of music, your imagination and ideas are truly endless, it's like walking into a record store and you have the best bits of sounds & music at your disposal. Golden age of hip hop, breakbeat culture, with funk, jazz, and everything in between. So much detail love the DNA of the sounds as every sound compliments one anther. In the true style of chopping up samples and being able to put across your drum machine or your keyboard in true style of triggering samples open up your imagination in so many ways. This will transport you back in time, but will also keep you working way into the future, a tresure trove you will be discovering sounds for a very long time.

A vast repository of 90bpm boom-bap-hip-hop loops and one-shots, comprising 1000 full drum loops,...

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An incredible sample pack. The Chords and instrument loops sound great, they work really well in a downtempo track or jazzy deep house vibes. The beats work a treat sat in the background of a house track, or right upfront for anything hip hop/downtempo. A must-have pack!

Simply on quantity alone, this is unbeatable value. But it excels on production values as well. This is one of the most comprehensive and useful Downtempo/Hip Hop packs you'll find. Loaded with authentic SP1200 and MPC beats, elements, one shots and music. Yes it's a significant investment, but in the grand scheme of things it could be one of the most rewarding purchases in a while if this is your sound.

Rawcutz never let you down! This pack is MASSIVE! And the content is such good quality! All the chops and chord samples you can shake a stick at! The beats are organic and dusty, and the drum hits are great too. We use the melodic samples a lot in DnB, perfect for some atmosphere in intro's etc. Obviously this pack would be awesome for Hip Hop!

Every pack from Raw Cutz is an instant download for me - perfect balance of vintage warmth and clarity. This pack is no different! Helpfully broken down into separate elements, it makes it easy to find the right sample for the job.


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