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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Vocals and Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 60 - 130

Can't help it but when I listen to these samples I see images of The Wire in my mind. These samples are cool for the use in electro tracks. Take a whole bar or just cut them up. The vocalists are defo keepin' it real! aaaiiiggghttt ))

Considering nearly every house track in the charts just now have a rap of some sort this pack is just what the doctor ordered. perfect for little snippets or a full on verse or chorus. And the fact the rappers do sound professional.

Some pretty good rap vocal hooks to mess with. BPMs range from 60-80 and then they give you 128 for uptempo & club tracks. I can see using these more for club records though some of the rap lines could be stronger. Decent set for those looking for quick ideas to link together to create full hooks.

Loads of samples by 5 different rappers broken into one shots and full loops, tempos range from 60 to 128. perfect for cutting up and re sequencing into your tracks. perfect for setting the tone for your tracks if you need that southern hospitality.

I love these packs, together with ‘New York Rap Acapellas Vol.1 & 2’ and ‘Real City Rap Acapellas’ Monster Sounds continue to supply amazing, royalty free rap packs for producers who need a full verse in their track or a cool hook before a drop.

The artists featured in this pack say their lines with attitude and aggression, making them perfect for any style of music. Super clean and gorgeous quality comes as standard with all Loopmaster products, you can hear what the MCs are saying perfectly.

The great things about sample packs like these is they are incredible versatile and will stand the test of time – this pack is already a little old but the samples stand up in today’s productions fine. Definitely worth a purchase.


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