Wow!!! This package is amazing! Not only the artwork looks great but it also sounds really fantastic. These sounds are perfect for soundtracks, game scores and special FX for all kinds of video purposes. Next to that i am sure that electro, dubstep and hardcore producers will like this a lot too. I am really excited about this, because the quality is very high and it's all in one pack. I don't think i'll be using this in my Yves Eaux releases but defo in my TV work. ACE!

Push Button Bang does it again ! This is a totally fierce effects pack which i found really great for my production work. The pack had a lot to offer in terms of variation and sonic depth. The movement within each sample was incredible. When i layered these bad boys up, i found that i got a lot of new textures and even more movement in the part which really gave life to what seemed dead space in the track i was working on. Two Thumbs on this one !

Very cool and super useful pack. Perfect if you are looking to make the Excision / Datsik robot sound. Really good for DNB as well. Definitely a pack i will be using for a long time.

sooo many uses for a pack like this , from sound design to crazy edits in tunes. Really high quality and realistic sounding, loads of useable mad hits for dropdowns. if you wanna give a track some techy madness then this is a great place to start, highly recomended

Whoop secret weapon alert! Sound designers dream pack. Want transforming, warping and mutating robots, plus massive, dramatic, cinematic/game/sci-fi impacts, zaps and hydraulic sfx? This is the one! DIrty metallic, clangs, scrapes and twists..scary alien beast sounds..all spot on. I'll say two more words : imagination and context. Recommended

All these sounds are very useable! Really complex & well recorded hydraulics, robot sounds & industrial noise. Kinda sounds like the foley sounds on the transfomer movies. They are really nice to layer up an add to the mix to add to bring some extra textures & nastiness to the proceedings. Deffo a worthwhile & handy set of samples

I've always been a fan of mechanical / foley sound effects and this pack is truly impressive. One thing that sets this apart as an FX library are the root notes listed in every file name: obscenely helpful. The 'Bass Cannons' folder is the only subcategory that's remotely genre-specific (the harsher side of noisy bass wobbles) while everything else is beautifully abstract shimmering sci-fi categorized into descriptive folders. Great mixture of short percussive bits and longer transformations / wipes / events. All the fat has been cut and what's left is a prime collection of audio ninja throwing stars. Excellent.


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