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Genre: Blues

Additional Styles: Drums, Percussion, Soul, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals, Strings, Blues, and Country


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 60 - 160

Excellent pack filled with beautifully produced loops and sounds. Harp & Keys and Vocals are my favourites. If you like adding some analog sounds in your productions you should definitely buy this pack. Overall it's a brilliant pack for all kind of House Prodcution.

Loving this huge pack with its many inspiring loops. Although this pack is titled as Blues it crosses the funk barrier which I like a lot. I will find much use for this pack in my down tempo productions especially with the very well crafted Bass loops and drums.

A great pack for those wanting to add something a little different to their productions. A really great selection of vocals that really capture the bluegrass style. The perfect way to avoid all the cliche dance vocals that are on offer in so many other packs.
Highly recommended. More like this please!!

Absolutely loving this. Great fun and unlike any other sample pack i've ever had. All the looks have the perfect blue feel to them and really sound like they we recorded in some smokey Memphis bar back in the 50s. The music loops are all amazing and i could listen to the vocals for days on end. Super cool pack to make your productions stand out from the crowd.

Wow this was unexpected, a real depth of atmosphere with these dusty samples.
I found them very useful and so much to choose from, you have the various packs broken dow into drums, guitars and bass, harp and keys and vocals. All are packs i there own right and very thorough with each pack broken down into bpms from 60 to 160 you just need to know what your looking for or enjoy getting lost in the haze. This pack has top production values and is perfect for giving your track character and depth.

a very large sample pack that offers value and original samples.
i was surprised by the range offered by this pack.
finding some strong beats was also an unexpected bonus.
over all, many of the sounds / bass ideas are usable for genres outside of blues production and the title of this release may offer new ideas to producers from a wide range of back grounds

Really cool sample pack! Vocals are insane :) Defo gonna use it in next track! Support!

wow , i didnt expect this to be a good as it is ! these are really genuine performances , and have all the vibe and sound you need straight off the bat , this is a mega sized pack everything is decent , nothing filling up space.. just pure goodness

Great set of authentic sounding loops and instruments here with absolutely loads to wade through. Pleasantly surprised to find vocals too! Well recorded and very good value.

The Blues Sessions are insane.. The authenticity and culture are screaming right out of the speakers.. You can feel those true blues as if they were playing right in your living room.. The sounds are bar none with the perfect fx and distortion.. Wicked series!

Fantastic collection! I love using every part of this. Instantly soaking a track in whiksey and smoke and stories.


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