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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Techno, Bass, and Tech House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 125 - 128

This is a magnificent pack that's all about techno, all about bass.
A wide variety of loops in a good range of tempos and the multi-sampled bass instruments are rather handy too. It is really great to be presented with bass of all types (Basic, Fill FX, Percussive, Subliminal, Complex, etc.) and have numerous options to combine two or more.
Definitely for techno mayhem!!!

What can you say about this really, the basslines are what it's all about and it delivers for sure.

The bonus loops come in handy too, but the basslines are where it's at.

Very useful tools.

interesting pack tho i found the bass sounds slightly muffled the loops are very nice tho.I could hear almost instantly what i wanted to do with the drum loops next.I think this pack is a great starter for the newbie producer and the pro performer

Bass in the place!! Thats what this packs all about!! An amazing selection of bass lines and sounds to spice up your production. Pretty much does what it says on the tin and if you are looking for insiring bass sounds and grooves for your productions this pack is invaluable. Its mainly geared up for techno and tech house but could also be useful for many other genres.

Locked in infectious grooves that will set you in the right direction on all things tech. Well presented and produced pack which will get used in my productions.

This is a cool little "toolbox" type pack for those looking for a bit of inspiration and help in the deeper shade of dance music. It's got loads of bass loops and a good variety of sounds - from rolling sub bass to more gritty synths.

This is not a pack that you could make an entire track out of - but if you're doing that you're in the wrong game anyway! It's quite a subtle set of loops but you'll find them creeping into all kinds of productions - filling out that elusive gap and giving tracks a nice bit of bounce.

Very good loops. If you need some techno basslines this is the right pack! There are cool sample shot too for create your bassline, I used some for my productions and they works very well !!


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