Freaky Loops delivers an excellent set of midi loops along with some bonus WAV's. Freaky Loops always puts out great product and this doesn't disappoint. Some of the loops go from simple to fairly complex which is really nice- having quite a bit of varition to chose from. Midi loop sets are great because you can always alter them as well as easily change the key & tempo. Mix & match your sounds with hard leads and piano chords from this set and youve got something great.

This is a great collection of MIDI files which you could use as quick inspiration to get a track rolling. Pick out a melody you like, chop and change it about til you get something unique and within minutes you've got an idea on the go. There is plenty of stuff here for anyone who's a fan of electro house, and a lot of the melodies would sound just as good in dubstep or other genres too.

I really like midi packs recently. I never really explored them prior to this year, but find that they can be great to bolster ideas not only in terms of melodies, but also patterns. Great for beginner producers too, since they can see different variations of midi and how they may work in a given track.

This is really very very good.. perfect for getting inspiration when you're starting writing or working on a new track or remix. You can also ignore the whole EDM thing if you're not in that scene - these are just good high quality midi loops to start you off with great melody ideas or top lines. Recommended

there is so many EDM type packs out there just now you really do have to be picky, its about quality not quantity,this pack has all the quality required to produce major sounding tracks that are sure to alert the bigger labels and djs out there.

some dope riffs here if you need to get into your programming and want ultimate flexibility , some exciting stuff that will be good for all productions not just EDM in here for sure ...


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