Live recorded strings has such a strong character, which is presented right here. You can not achieve such sound with any plug-in. Recommended for anyone who wants better strings sound.

Filled with great content.Loads of inspiring melodies expertly recorded.this is amazing for inspiration and jamming around.Inclusion of Midi files is excellent as well . Loads of emotion and a huge amount of varied content makes this a must have !

Some beautiful string arrangements here and very well recorded. This pack would be very useful for TV/Film/Game scoring more than making dance music although im sure a few string hit would work well in the odd deep house or disco sounding track. When hiring a full string orchestra is out of reach this is a real winner.

Real Strings Vol. 5 is just what you need for an epic composition. Rather Hip-Hop, Drum 'N' Bass or EDM. A great string arrangement will get the emotions going on the dance floor.


Not a ton in this pack but the strings are Very Real and I'll take quality over quantity any day. Well recorded in a nice spaces and very nice melodies and voicings. Uplifting and Cinematic is a PERFECT name for the pack. Although it can also be very dark just by loading some of the stripped downs and playing like a polyphonic instrument I had some very interesting and cool progressions happening really quick. For something as complicated os string sections it was really great to quickly have moving progressions just from the stripped downs loaded in a sampler.

Excellently recorded material in here. Some really interesting chord sequences and textures. Great fun for chopping and rearranging or to provide additional timbres to your productions.

Beautiful doesn't even come close to describing the samples in this pack. Expertly performed and recorded strings perfect for use in your own compositions. We can't praise Organic Loops enough for this pack.


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