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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: FX, Percussion, Drum and Bass, and Cinematic


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Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 175

Junkyard Percussion Vol. 2 by Loopmasters gives you the clicks, pops, crackles, rattles
and jingles the producer needs to stand out. I personally love this sound pack because sounds like these made my crew Public Enemy iconic.


I was a big fan of the Vol 1 now even bigger fan of Vol 2. This pack is very special, You can find so many interesting sounds which will give a different taste to your productions. Highly recommended for dubstep and drum & bass producers.

The best part of this pack is the way they created unique loops out of tons of sound fx.. From household items, to clicky-clankety, to metal bins, & hair combs- this pack is definitely something cool to have especially for the producer who takes on various creative projects that require quirky grooves or something out of the ordinary.. It's jammed packed with single-hit sound fx that allow you to go even beyond just loops..

Every producer waxes lyrical about being able to create drum tracks from the percussive noises created by every day objects, but few (including us) can ever find the energy to actually do it. Fewer have the microphone and recording know how to pull it off so that a ruler snap can sit comfortably into a full dynamic mix.

This sample pack nails the art to the extent that the identity of the source becomes less important to the quality of the percussion sounds themselves. So despite the fact that what you buy is a sample pack of sounds created from and labelled as keyrings and soldering irons, what you're actually getting is a very high quality percussion sound set, full of strange and obscure noises suitable for any genre. To top it all off, the loops are interesting and really well programmed. Top notch.

The 'Junkyard' series provides sounds galore for when I really want to zoom in and inject some micro rhythms and layering into a mix. No matter how many actual drum sources I have the addition of samples like these can embed another dimension within the beats. Layering potential is endless and using 'Junkyard Percussion' as an audio construction kit is pure percussive pleasure.

Toys, Stationary and Floppy Disks are among some of the sounds featured in this pack. Producer making minimal style music like minimal DNB, Minimal Techno or Dub Tech should really invest in this as the sounds are very detailed indeed.
Within minutes I had some great mid/high range percussion tracks!
See also Junkyard Percussion Vol 3!

For fans of foley based sample packs and this was a real treat. Very useful for sound design and audio for video applications. I found it to be well organised and everything was recorded really well. With some other foley packs I've found the sounds to feel quite 'thin' it hasn't been the case with any of the Junkyard Percussion series.

Wide and high quality selection of sounds all really well recorded and lots of loops to get ideas started Lots of them on the raw side which is better for me as it means there's more scope to make them what I want but the loops are also cool, There's a lot of sub folders which could be a good or a bad thing depending on how you work.


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