This is simply the most comprehensive collection of FX you will ever find on a sample pack! Quite simply put if you can't find what you're looking for on here then it doesn't exist! The samples are organised into folders so if you're looking for an uplifting effect then there's a folder full of hundreds of them. If you need a downlifter effect there's another folder full of hundreds, the same applies for every type of effect that you might require for a section of your song. Amazing and highly recommended!

Great collection of useful tools! Especially the impacts and uplifters are useful, if you have to make these sounds from scratch everytime you want to use them, you'd be a long way from home!

One of the most usable sample packs I own and so good I have a short cut to it in my sidebar.

For me, FX and Transitions are what makes a tune come to life and is something you can never have enough of. For a while I have needed a folder where all of that stuff is in one place. This pack offers that. It is set out into easy to understand categories and I have yet to go through the pack without finding what I wanted.

This is the kind of pack you will go back to for every tune.

I spend so much time looking for good effects that when a package comes along which has so carefully compiled so many of them, i tend to cane it.

This one is getting caned. Massive selection.. a deliverer!

If you're looking for an extensive collection of all types of transitional and atmospheric sounds to enhance then this is probably your first stop..

Nice one fella's. :)

This is a stunning collection of fx, very useable for all genres of electronic music. Lots of sweeps, drones, stabs, textures, etc that inspires you and make your productions more powerfull and at the end more effective!!! this is a must have package of FX... Great!!!

I found this collection incredibly useful. There are builds and atmospheres and drops to suit any moment in a track. And with the scope provided here, it's unlikely that things will end up sounding same-y across multiple tracks. It is a HUGE collection too, at well over 1GB!

This is a very VERY impressive sample pack- I needed some sound effects , but i never expected to get so much- The sounds are super well produced and there is hundreds to choose from. This is something i will use for years.... simply awesome

Absolute essential here! This library (along with the other two volumes) should be in every music makers arsenal in my humble opinion! Loads of quality sounds to choose from, for all genres and well organised for ease of use... Cant go wrong with this one!

Proof that this series started as stellar as ever Collection 1 delivers in a guns-out way with quality top to bottom.   There's a slightly nostalgic feeling to the aesthetic here which makes partial sense given its date of release but said nostalgia along with the timeless fidelity makes this an all-purpose powder keg for producers.  There's just so much here and the 'Stabs & Acid Hits' folder is a one-stop inspiration shop.  If you're on the hunt for top SFX there's no way to go wrong with this series. 


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