Robert Owens delivering a fantastic instalment of vocals for house producers and alike. Sooo much to choose from spoken words and sung arrangements. Love the theme of the vocals, not to cheesy and very versatile to use in any production. Great vocal pack 8/10

Nicely recorded vocal pack. Some real gems hidden in here! Real soulful house vocals ranging from 116-125Bpm. Perfect for Deep House or House producers.
A great addition to the vocal sample pack arsenal.

I was brought up on these vocal. Epic pack with loads of dope hooks. 700Mb of great acapella song ideas ready to chop and rearrange together with a huge collection of spoken and sung short phrases that can be used to compliment the song ideas or be used alone as vocal ear candy to accentuate your productions.

Having access to just the tone of this legend is stuff dreams are made of. Sure you aren't likely to make whole tracks out of it but astute producers will stretch, slice, pitch and fx this valuable resource to have your own vocalist at hand. Great stuff Mr Owens and thank you.

The voice of House music! This is the perfect vocal pack from a pioneer in the game. The pack itself is split into two sections.. Phrases, where there's a theme to each folder filled with shorter vocal takes perfect to spice up your music with. Stems, where Robert Owens has pretty much recorded 8 songs which he's kindly broken down into several verses and choruses for you to play around with and pick and chose as you please and you know they're all going to work perfectly together however you use them. Its like having your own legend recording vocals in your studio with you!

A killer pack of full vocals from the king of soulful house! As long as I have loved house music, I've loved the vocals of Robert Owens. The soul at the heart of so many classics - his voice is completely unique and his style unparalleled. This pack is full of gems, both verse/chorus arrangements and individual phrases - hugely useable and great quality.

The voice of house music! What you would give for a collection of acapellas like this back in the day, I'd spend countless hours digging through my vinyl collection for any acapellas, here they supplied in abundance in great quality and royalty free ;) The song ideas are great if you want a more full vocal track, short phrase and spoken words are really useful for a little vocal hook now and again.


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