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Genre: Bass Music

Additional Styles: Breaks, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Vocals, and Bass Music


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 70 - 110

Love this set- lots of fun. These vocal loops would come in really handy with the right type of track. A bunch of other rap vocal sets give you a harder hip hop feel- where this is more of the 'party' feel, which I think would work well in the more commercial style of music. There are loads of great phrases and the scratch vocals are amazing to mix in with. Great job Loopmasters !

An absolutely amazing pack – we definitely need more of these; strong MC samples are hard to come by but this one is perfect for several styles and genres of production. Lots of choice in both sample length and BPM – hopefully in the second edition we can see the addition of some female shouts too? A must-buy for producers.

Very handy pack of vocal samples, especially if you're into that G-House sound. Split into three main folders you can choose either 1 shots, vocals with effects already layered on or phrases. Some slower timed vocal phrases in there too for projects flowing between 70 and 110BPM but I'm sure they'd sound pretty dope sped up too.

A really great selection of short vocals that can be used on their own or spliced together to create longer phrases.
The recording quality is great and there are 2 different MC's providing some difference in tone. It would have been nice to see more MC's involved, and even a female MC but hey maybe they are saving that for Vol.2 ;-)
Essential for producers in any urban style and also perfect for added some vocal sheen to your tech house productions!

nice collection of vocals, suitable for EDM, Bass House and many more

Really love these vocals, there's a sense of proper old school vibes in there that are hard to come by these days but totally on point for today's music.

Great work from the Ghetto Funk Crew. Some great hype vocals on here that come in very handy when just needing that missing vocal line whether it be in a full production/doing a vocal for a Sync or a dj mix.
One of those Sample Packs that is great to have in the collection for a 'go to' vocal. Good work guys :-)

This was a very compete pack with many things you could use in any genre. They did a great job of getting a bunch of common phrases that work well throughout time. The voice sounds really good on this one as well.


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